Odoo ERP is a massive, feature-rich framework that occasionally has end users that are unsure of how to use it or what settings to set up to achieve the desired outcomes. Effectively saving time and money, skilled and trained personnel are better able to resolve difficulties quickly without interfering with the continuing work environment.

In today's corporate world, organizations are searching for ways to massively prepare their employees while also saving time and money on travel. Even a small amount of planning could greatly increase your staff's productivity after you've invested in new advancements.

Your reps' skills and knowledge need to be improved, which calls for a dedicated training team. We at Creyox technologies are offering effective Odoo training services designed specifically to meet your training objectives in order to help them with their managerial challenges.

We provide the Odoo training module, which includes a wide range of features created specifically to satisfy your training requirements. You may efficiently accomplish the crucial training objectives by separating the most extreme from your training goals with the help of our personalized Odoo training module.

Benefits of Odoo Training for our client:
  • By evaluating the features of Odoo, you may assist the specialized employees.
    to make profitable recommendations for improving a company's efficiency.
  • The framework settings are reported, and the best rules are set up to allow other Odoo advisers to make additional modifications or address problems with the least amount of forethought.
  • In comprehending intricate Odoo setups and creating test materials for evaluating the development circumstances.
  • To collaborate with other Odoo consultants on the requirements for combining third-party applications.
  • To manage and monitor ERP for your company, become an ERP backend administrator.
  • Effectively introduce Odoo and administer it with all necessary bundles and modules.
  • Use/call the Odoo API with the intention of coordinating external frameworks.
  • possess the necessary skills to create a unique bespoke module.


The best way for organizations to deal with protections is to train their employees in Odoo and prepare them with the new ERP so that they can adapt to the new environment.
Our enthusiastic developers and consultants train the workforce in the fundamentals of Odoo in order to make everything work for your company. We are aware of our clients' needs and are also aware of the socioeconomic context in which the study materials are based.
It is crucial for an organization or association to comprehend the unique elements of the Odoo training procedure.

Why Training With Us?

Because Odoo is such a large system, sometimes end users are unsure of where to go or what settings to make in order to achieve their goals. Well-trained employees are more likely to find quick solutions to problems without interfering with other work tasks, effectively saving time and money.

Functional Training

  • CRM, Accounting, Inventory
  • Sales, Purchase
  • Website, Email Marketing
  • Manufacturing, PLM

Technical Training

  • Overview of Odoo Framework. 
  • Odoo Installation in Linux/Windows
  • POS and Website Development
  • Different Programming Languages in Odoo

Corporate Training

  • Training on respective Odoo modules using in business process
  • Training through Live Demo and interactive sessions
  • Training through videos
  • Live support Available