• Use Sadad Payment Gateway for your Odoo eCommerce to enhance your business.
  • E-Commerce Payment.
  • Online Payment With Web Checkout 2.1 & 2.2.
  • Saving Time and Effort.
  • Freedom and Flexibility.
  • Speed and Accuracy.
  • Convenience.
  • Easy to use.

Sadad Payment Panel configuration

  • User must be set domain within sadad panel.
  • User must be set domain without http or https.
  • EX. creyoxtechnologies.com
  • User can generate test or live secret key by clicking "generate" button.
  • Note:- E-Commerce website domain and sadad panel domain both must be the same.

Call Back URL Configuration

  • User must to set callback url for redirect to eCommerce site after complete payment process.
  • User must to set callback url in below format.
  • 'Your Domain'/payment/sadad/return
  • EX. https://creyoxtechnologies.com/payment/sadad/return
  • User can set alert email to get email from the sadad.

Sadad Payment Configuration in Odoo

  • User must be set Merchant ID which you get from sadad panel.
  • User must be set Client Secret Key which you generated from the sadad panel.
  • User must be set Domain which you set in sadad panel.
  • User must be set Web Checkout API 2.1 or 2.2.
  • Web Checkout 2.1 Overview:
    Customer is on your website’s checkout page and fills up the details and places order.
  • Web Checkout 2.2 Overview:
    You will collect your customer details on your web form.
  • User can set language.

Sadad Payment Option in Website

  • User can pay after selecting Sadad payment option on website.

Redirect in Payment Screen

  • User will redirect in sadad payment screen after click on "Pay Now" button.

Payment Transactions in Sadad Panel

  • User can see all payment transactions history in sadad panel.

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